Amber Chase - Almost Perfect Girlfriend

Sweet girlfriend Amber spends her day off with the love of her life, Billy. The two are almost inseparable… and in the brief moments when they aren’t together, Amber transforms into the messiest slut imaginable. Billy reveals to Amber that he wants her to move in with him. To celebrate they decide to hop into a Zuber taxi to go and buy some furniture. Amber uses that opportunity to get some last minute dicking before her relationship gets really serious.

Amber dares Michael to eat her pussy in a car and he accepts her challenge. She repays him with a blowjob. Inside the furniture store Keiran fucks Amber from behind in a standing doggy position, bending over a chair. Michael steps in and gets a piece of that ass too, including another blowjob. Her boyfriend leaves the room and now they have Amber to themselves. They take turns fucking her and getting sucked off, in doggy and reverse cowgirl. She gives them both a blowjob, then Michael fucks her in her ass in doggy style while she sucks off Keiran. Next, they engage in a reverse cowgirl double penetration, followed by a DP in cowgirl position and back to DP in reverse cowgirl. They take turns ass-fucking her in doggy style and getting sucked off. Keiran gives her a facial while still getting fucked in the ass by Michael until he also climaxes and she gets another facial. Scene wraps with Amber on her knees, with alternating licking and sucking their cocks.

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