AsianMeanGirls - Ms. Miki - Tongue-Lashing The Boot-Licking Lackey


s. Miki LOVES having slaves. She is strolling down a busy street in downtown LA, showing off to all the other Asian women how she has a lackey carrying all her bags like a little bitch for her! (And little do they know this loser PAID for what is IN all of those bags too! Just to have the honor of CARRYING them for her! LOL!)

When she turns the corner to go back to where her car is parked though, the IDIOT drops her bags! She is INCENSED. She berates him verbally- and one of her asian girlfriends is even listening in on the other end of her phone conversation while she does it!

While he is down there, she decides he should LICK HER BOOTS RIGHT OUT IN PUBLIC to show how SORRY he is for dropping her bags! She even wipes the bottoms of her boots off on his tongue as people are walking by… But it doesn’t mattter- because he is a SLAVE and as such, he has to do WHATEVER she says!

Ms. Miki LOVES her new role as an asian woman taking POWER over white men…she even spits in this losers face and slaps him across the face repeatedly as she laughs at him and tells her girlfriend all about it!

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