Britney Amber - The Photographer(clips4sale)


Miss Amber is the strictest, most uptight teacher in the entire school. Her colleague, Mr. Masters, has been put in charge of taking teachers’ photos for the school yearbook. She doesn’t want to give him the time of day at first, but when she does pose for a photograph, the camera’s flash begins to bring out anther side of Miss Amber. For one reason or another, the photography teacher isn’t able to finish taking her pictures, so he returns after school day after day as the change in Miss Amber progresses….

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  • Sick son of a bitch 4 years ago

    Awesome. Any plans of putting up the ones from the same site with the hypnotized schoolgirls and the yoga students?

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed, definitely we’ll upload more this kind hypnotized fetish

  • Justin An 4 years ago


  • Prime L 4 years ago

    More from Primal Fetish please?

  • Please stop uploading our content for free. We are a small company of 5 people, not some big Hollywood production. If our content is given away for free, we won’t be able to make anymore of it. Pornstars don’t fuck for free, folks. If you like our content, please respect it by not posting it for free. Thank you.

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      i am really sorry but usually we don’t upload primal fetish stuff, maybe we did one or two time. we try don’t upload anymore