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After viewing one of Cali’s belly punch competition videos, Laura decided that Cali was weak and that she could easily best her. She enters Cali’s bedroom and challenges her to a belly punch competition, which Cali accepts. They rock/paper/scissors to see who will start, then they begin, each taking turns delivering 5, or so, punches to the other girl’s belly.

After a couple of rounds Laura is convinced that she was right about Cali being weak and, rather than continuing the competition, Laura decides to take her frustrations out on Cali. She binds Cali’s arms behind her back with a scarf, pushes Cali against a wall, and begins a punching assault on her helpless belly. At first Cali taunts Laura, and laughs it off, but over time Cali starts wearing down under the endless assault.

After a while, Cali manages to escape her bonds, and turn the tables, though it is short lived. Laura allows Cali to have some free shots, but she picks the scarf back up and binds Cali’s wrist together in front of her. She pushes her back against the wall and holds Cali’s arms above her head and continues the belly beating until Cali eventually slumps to the floor.

The punching is real, not the pretend punching you see in most fetish videos, and Laura gets a lot of nice solid hit in on Cali’s belly. Even through Cali’s dark tan you can see the redness of her belly.

As a side note, Laura was delightfully weird. The strange comments and bizarre similes that came out of her mouth were quite entertaining

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