Candi C - FakeCop


Candi car stopped at a roadside because she was low on petrol. Cop comes along asked her what she is doing. Cop offers Candi a lift to her destination.

Candi gets into cop’s car. Cop tells Candi he will run a background check on her first just in case she is wanted. Candi then tells cop she is in an unhappy relationship. Cop then asked if she has been fucked by a policeman before. Cop asked would she liked to. Candi smiles upon then question and said yeah.

On the way to a secluded spot, Candi who is sitting behind pulls down her top to reveal her white bra. Then she takes off her bra and pullup her top. Once they reach the place, They got out and stood infront of the car and began making out. Cop kissing Candi while she rubs his crotch. Then cops suck Candi breast.

Candi gets down on her knees and unzips cop pants and takes out his cock and begin to stroke then suck. She sucks him deep and licking his balls. While getting blown, cop undress himself. Candi then stop and stands up, turns her back against cop, one leg up on a truck, the cop bends down and licks her pussy. Getting it wet and ready for penetration.

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