Danica Dillon and Ryan Ryans - Dinner Date - AllGirlMassage


The scene starts with Ryan preparing dinner for her and Danica. The two then begin to talk about how they haven’t seen each other since college. Ryan then states she’s been doing massages and offers to give Danica a massage while they wait for their dinner to be finished. Danica then undresses and lies on the table. After some time, Ryan has Danica flip over and starts to massage her front side. As she starts to massage her upper thighs, Danica becomes a little hesitant and Ryan says that this is just like their college days and this is just the “appetizer” to their dinner.

The two kiss as Ryan stats to rub Danica’s pussy. Ryan then undresses as they go back to making out as Ryan rubs Danica. Ryan then goes down on Danica and then starts to finger her. Ryan then moves into a 69 with Danica. They separate and Danica then proceeds to go down on Ryan and fingers her as well. Danica then goes back down on Ryan until she cums

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