Download as always is free. we just changed file hosting. please click on “free download”


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  • Mindflash 1 year ago

    Nice! thanks

  • Some Other Guy 1 year ago

    Sorry to bother you, but for some reason, the video player is not working on my browser. Do you have any tips to get it to work?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      no problem man, you should try UCbroswer on mobile devices

      • Some Other Guy 1 year ago

        Did what you recommended, but it keeps saying “Play error. Please retry.”

        • Some Other Guy 1 year ago

          I think it might be a problem with the video player itself.

          • pornuploader 1 year ago

            we added two different video players and both of them are working fine if still you can’t watch video sorry i can’t help anymore. issue is on your side

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          issue should be on your browser setting , personally i don’t have any problem with ucbrwoser

  • Shouldn’t Toy Chest 2 been uploaded 1st

  • etazdfhn 1 year ago

    Download link not working?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      no buddy its working fine, we just changed file hosting, you can download without any problem

  • Dude 1 year ago

    Hi there, thanks for all your work. the download option doesnt seem to be working as normal – its taking me to and wanting to pay – has something changed?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      no buddy everything here is free, please click on ” free download” option

      • Bleeh 1 year ago

        Alright guys,

        Same issue, I can’t download it, found the ‘free download’ button, from there it goes to a further website that tried to get you to sign up to something?

        Thanks for everything so far!

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          yeah buddy we got a lot of complains about this issue, we will back to openload since tomorrow , sorry for any inconvenience

          • Mura 1 year ago

            Yeah openload is way nicer.

          • pornuploader 1 year ago

            its done , since today you can get download links through openload

  • Mura 1 year ago

    Any sign of Toy Chest 2 or Going Around?

  • Could you get some of their older ones like in the workplace or attract mode