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  • john smith 5 years ago

    great upload but none of the links are working

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      there is no problem…. all links are working fine

  • john smith 5 years ago

    is there any way you can put it on keep 2 share because for some reason its not working for me

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      currently we don’t upload any movies on k2share , but we make a exception for your request and we’ll upload this movie on keep2share a few next hours

  • john smith 5 years ago

    yea bro says its been deleted

  • john smith 5 years ago

    keep 2 share that would be great thanks so much

  • john smith 5 years ago

    great thanks

  • Yay Extra Credit! I grabbed it from uploadable OK around 11 AM EST or so on Feb 26. Thanks so much!

  • can you please reupload cloudyvideos link. Thank you.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I got all the films you uploaded from daphne. Any chance you could do some from primal fetish ? ( http://clips4sale.com/studio/24134#startingpoint )

    I am mostly interested in the yoga master 1-2 and headmaster videos.

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      we access to most of primal fetish videos but unfortunately they don’t have minimum standard for a normal clip and we can not publish them on our website

      • anonymus 5 years ago

        Any chance you have KEPT from Daphne’s Fantasies?

        • pornuploader 5 years ago

          yes bro we will upload this video as soon as possible

  • ron green 5 years ago

    cool this great do you guys have the yard sell of hell house

  • Jimmy Kudo 5 years ago

    Nice upload. Anyway you can get Dream Job from Daphne’s fantasies with Nina Hartley in it

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      we will try upload this movie as soon as possible

  • I’m looking forward to this when it finishes downloading. Keep up the great work!

    Also keen for daphne’s fantasies; reunion

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      you are welcome , we will publish this video as soon as possible

  • Andrew irving 5 years ago

    Can you upload to cloudyvideos? Thank you

  • chuck 5 years ago

    Great site! Looking forward to more of Daphne’s videos!

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      sure . we will publish more as soon as possible

  • pornuploader 5 years ago


  • Can you put the videos on all your other Daphn’e’s Fantasies post

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      yes bro, some of them have online videos right now and for rest of them we’ll add as soon as possible

  • Jimberly 5 years ago

    Any chance we can get a re-up here?

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      bro uploadrocket’s link is working fine

      • Tovlo 5 years ago

        It doesn’t work, it installs malware

        • pornuploader 5 years ago

          hundred peoples have downloaded this video whiteout any issues .. which host did you download?

  • Joseph 5 years ago

    Can you reup for keep2share

  • nice… do you by chance have The Brothel 2?

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      yes we’ll uploade this video as soon as possible

  • David 5 years ago

    Could you put a video on this like with the other ones?

  • Mick J 5 years ago

    Please upload web browser version

  • great upload. can you please reupload cloudyvideos link.

    many thanks

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      really sorry unfortunately we don’t have the time for re-uploading videos . player is working fine you can download via player

      • thanks for your fast answer.
        but.. how can i download via Player ?

        • pornuploader 4 years ago

          you can install some download managers like IDM (internet download manager) this software grab videos on online players automatically (you can find cracked versions on net for free)

  • Pierre 4 years ago

    I know Daphne’s Fantasies are very protective of their videos and it appears most of these have been deleted. Any chance you’ll be able to get them back for viewing or download?

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      we are going to back them but we need some free time