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  • Always good to see older movies from them uploaded. Though I already had this one.

  • JBlue 1 year ago

    More Daphne always delightful! Sorry to pester but here i go again…any chance you could please re-post “Off Book?”

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      sorry at this moment we don’t have the time

  • Church008 1 year ago

    This is just my opinion. The new Daphne’s Fantasies are good because they have a wider variety of actresses and interesting plotlines, but the old ones are a better because there are more varieties of generas and less scenes of male nudity to skip. The old ones had girl solos, dominant girl on hypnotized girl(s), hypnotized girl on hypnotized girl(s), and guy on hypnotized girl(s). The new ones just have the guy(s) on hypnotized girls. Make me wonder if they’re under contract to always have a guy in videos or something. Again, just my opinion.

  • Kerry 1 year ago

    How soon can we expect to see “Bottle Shock”?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      at this moment i can’t say man but we will try to post it as soon as possible

  • Some Other Guy 1 year ago

    Hate to complain, but I can’t seem to get the vide player to work on my mobile device. Some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      i am really really sorry, you are right, issue is caused due to video hosting provider put some ips and some countries in black list. since 24 hours ago we’ve got a lot of complaints, at this moment we are talking to video hosting provide regarding to this issue, can you please tell me from which country you are?

      • Some Other Guy 1 year ago

        United States.
        And for me, this has been going on for weeks, maybe even months, on this site, hypnoporn.net, and Clips4Free.
        Thanks for all your efforts to solve the problem.

  • Swaginson 1 year ago

    Thanks for uploading but sadly videos using this hoster wknt work on my mobile device and i think its not just me. Also doesnt work with ucbrowser. Could you switch to the old hosters again because they worked perfectly

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      yes buddy, we know about this issue, video hosting provider recently blacklisted some ips

  • Ricardo 1 year ago

    Any update on Bottle Shock?

  • Thank You So Much for all you do.I would love if possible to see the truth about hypnosis episodes with Daphne Rosen And Wendy Wild. And any other classic ones you decide to put up,
    Once again Thank You For All Yo Do.

  • Mura 1 year ago

    Any word on when the 3 new ones will be uploaded?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      one of them definitely will be uploaded a few next days (within 1 or 2 days)