Daphne's Fantasies - Oral History


Mind Control Theatre is proud to announce the release of our lastest movie, “Oral History,” starring Eleanor Markham, Christie Stevens and Richie Calhoun! It’s the first on-camera boy/girl scene for Eleanor!

Doctor Reed has an unusual technique for helping his patients work through their problems: past-life regression. But it seems that all of his patients used to be nymphomaniac sex slaves in their former lives… what are the odds?

From hypnospects:
“This was absolutely incredible, I honestly think this is the best movie you’ve put out so far. Christie is stunning and might be my new favorite, (or at least a close second behind Paris), and really has the zoned but still interactive look and feel nailed down, and she REALLY took the submissive role to heart, i really hope she continues to shoot with you, she was amazing.

“Ms. Markharm was the perfect portrait of hypnotically induced nymphomaniac still flitting in and out of trance; most times people with this type of role go too far one way with it, they go full zombie/mechanical movements or they’re just screaming in “orgasm” so unrealistically it’s sometimes had not to laugh, but she was just perfect. The scenes of her playing with herself repeating her mantra were amazing and the stuff of every guy with an MC fetish’s dreams. The male lead is usually a throw away for me, but i was actually rooting for him, everything he did was like a favor to the audience

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  • david 3 years ago

    more mind control theatre stuff awesome!

  • Thanks so much for the Daphne’s Fantasies stuff!! Keep it coming!

  • The video is broken. Can we get a re-up in browser? Thanks

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  • Someone 3 years ago

    Thanks for the DF stuff ! Is there any luck that you already have the latest “Sharing Economy” available ?

    • pornuploader 3 years ago

      you are welcome , yes fortunately we have this video in our schedule for near future

      • The bro 3 years ago

        The cloudyvideo and uploadable links seem to not have the files

        • pornuploader 3 years ago

          yes bro unfortunately mind control studio has strict copyright rules, currently you just watch online these clips

  • Thanks for the daphnes fantasies is there anyway you could upload their movie dream job

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      we have a lot of movies regarding to daphnes fantasies in our schedule for uploading but unfortunately your desired clip is not included, thank you for introduce us we’ll work on that

      • Joshua 2 years ago

        do you have The Truth part 5 on your list of videos from Daphne’s Fantasies? And if you don’t can you please get it in the future

  • JoeR 1 year ago

    Any chance this can be “re-uploaded” please?

    • pornuploader 1 year ago

      maybe later we re-upload all old daphne release

      • JoeR 1 year ago

        Thanks! I really would appreciate it. I’ll keep an eye out, I saw you uploaded another today. seems to keep them good. Any of the ones uploaded to other sites seem to get removed fast. Cheers!

        • pornuploader 1 year ago

          we are managing more than 35 websites and unfortunately we are so busy i hope we can upload old release as soon as possible