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  • can you please upload the cloudyvideos link. thanks

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      we re-uploaded cloudyvideos’s links .. you can download right now .. enjoy it

  • Thanks for the other upload, can you do the same for this one in Rapidgator or keep2share? Thanks

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      we re-uploaded rapidgator’s link …. you can download now

  • edddy 5 years ago

    can you please upload the cloudyvideos link. thanks

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      we re-upload on cloudyvideo, you can download now

  • Alden 5 years ago

    Hi, can you please restore all the links? Nono of them are working. Thanks.

    • pornuploader 5 years ago

      what do you mean ?
      rapidgator . cloudyvideo and uploadrocket’s links are working fine
      you can download them

  • Benjamin Hodges 4 years ago

    Any chance to get this reuploaded? all the links failed

  • Jesus Vargas 4 years ago

    Could you reupload to upload rocket please?

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      but upoloadrocket’s link is working fine

      • Jesus Vargas 4 years ago

        I just tried downloading it again and when I try and open the file it says it can’t be played. I don’t know if it is a problem on myside or if the file itself doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

        • pornuploader 4 years ago

          you sure definitely this issue is on yourside , thousands of people have downloaded this video without any problems , i don’t know which player do you use but you can try “total video player”

  • Could we have this added in browser? thx

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      sorry bro currently we don’t have time for re-uploading videos maybe we do in future

  • darude 4 years ago

    Can you upload the video here online? or can you re upload to this 6 links? thanks! 🙂

  • can you please upload the cloudyvideos link. thanks

  • hypnofarts 4 years ago

    seriously just stream it all your links are dead, dead, dead 😛

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      we are transforming to tube site but beside that we’ll put download links , fortunately we find a new way by that links will be safe

  • Any way you can get a streaming from the website like you do for most other Daphne videos? Thank you!

  • You may need to reset in order to view the video. Ty

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      yeah we are working on and we’ll add online players as soon as possible

  • Is there a way to have the streaming?

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      yes definitely , we are working on and will add streaming version for all videos

  • Approx. how much longer on the streaming? Don’t want to sound unappreciative, because I really think you guys do great work, just wondering!

    • pornuploader 4 years ago

      Bro really sorry , we changed the theme and we are working on to fit old content to new one , we are adding streaming gradually , we try to add all Daphne tubes up less than one week , we added slipped and some others two days ago

  • Tommy 1 year ago

    Could you reupload this so it’s viewable from this website?