Daphne's Fantasies - Reunion


Alex brings his new fiancee to dinner with his old college profesor (and his amazingly hot girlfriend)… not realizing that the professor has plans to pay back a debt with a new mental technique he’s developed.

The video contains role-play of mind control and hypnosis. This includes the actresses giving head one after the other in a trance state, being made very slutty and eager for intercourse. The clip contains sex scenes (doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl), oral sex, cumshots on tits, threesome action (female-female-male) and a bit of lesbian action.

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  • Thanks for the latest Daphne’s Fantasies post! Keep’em coming!

  • thanks love Daphne’s Fantasies

  • Hagaben 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the great files from Daphne.
    You rock!

  • chuck 3 years ago

    You guys continue to amaze! Could you upload again to depositfiles? Looks like many of the links are down.

    • pornuploader 3 years ago

      sorry we can not upload a file on depositfile twice, you can download from another hosts and also you can watch this video online

  • thanks so much for posting this video! you guys rock! would you be able to re-upload the file on uploaded please?

    • pornuploader 3 years ago

      you are welcome, we re-uploaded on uploaded you can download now

  • Mick Yarden 3 years ago

    Hey, it looks like all of the links are down! Can you guys reupload. Thanks!

    • pornuploader 3 years ago

      sorry bro we don’t have time for re-uploading videos , you can watch online this one