Actors: Christie Stevens, Cherie DeVille, Bethany Benz, and Mickey Mod

A man’s voice is enough to persuade the women he meets to perform sexual acts on him, every man’s fantasy

Marco has started a book on seduction… and he’s eager to demonstrate his new voice seduction technique to Abby. Of course, his previous conquests are more than happy to provide their own demonstrations as well…

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  • Thanks again!

    I’m confused, though. Should this post also be on the new site, too? I don’t see it there.

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      you are welcome . Daphne’s Fantasies videos will stay on godfatherporn and rest of hypno studios will be published on

      • That seems very confusing. People are going to miss the Daphne stuff because they assume it will be on the other site. Why not double post at least so people don’t get lost? It’s no more work in the upload department to link both sites to the same downloads.

        • pornuploader 2 years ago

          you are right and its very simple to upload same materials on both of websites but unfortunately for some technical reasons we can not because mind control studio and miss missa have very Strict rules against copyrighted materials they can get court order against our hosting

          • It just sort of defeats the purpose. People still have to come here because the most popular and productive studio is still here. So now we have to keep tabs on 2 websites instead of 1.

          • pornuploader 2 years ago

            our intent from launching new website is uploading hypno and fetish materials regularly because godfatherporn is not a niche specific website and we could not upload such materials everyday currently we can

    • please, can you upload the video in spankbank?

  • Robotnik 2 years ago

    Thank you, man! I was looking for this video for too long… 😉

  • Possibly to include another download link? The one currently up already doesn’t work. And is VideoMega unbearable slow and unreliable for anyone else?

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      yes we do, what hosting provider recommend us?

      • I’ve seen it used for other videos. DepositFiles? That’s also used for other videos here too. They both seem pretty decent.

        • pornuploader 2 years ago

          we can not upload mind control stuff on mentioned hostings, these materials are forbidden on such uploadcenters , you can download via openload with unlimited speed

          • The Openload link has been taken down.

          • pornuploader 2 years ago

            sorry for any inconvenience they report our links please try to download via online player its working fine

          • How do you download from the video itself it doesn’t allow me to save it as a video file.

          • pornuploader 2 years ago

            try IDM (internet download manager) this software grab video automatically

  • can you load the link again? ? please man

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      sorry we don’t have the time for re-up videos

  • The Duke's around 2 years ago

    ETA on when you’re uploading “Gestures”?

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      its in our priority it will be uploaded as soon as possible

      • se7en 2 years ago

        can you also please uploading from daphne’s fantasies:
        “ghostie” ?

      • se7en 2 years ago

        Can you also plz upload from Daphne’s Fantasies: “ghostie” ?

  • mr bungle 2 years ago

    Great video, thanks for uploading it. Do you have any plans to upload cafe community or employee orientation 2?

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      you are welcome, actually our priority is latest releases but we have your desired videos in our schedule

  • good job on uploading DF video…I’ll wait for you guys to upload Ghostie … much appreciated and thanks

    • pornuploader 2 years ago

      you are welcome we are working on for uploading latest release DF

  • Hi, when will Gestures be uploaded? Thanks.

  • artichaud 2 years ago

    please can you upload this video and the other daphne fantasies?