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Dixie is new in town and is having some trouble meeting lady friends. She has some of her new hot co-workers, Minidi and Veruca, over for some wine and gossip and hopefully something else. After some small talk with the best friends and a couple of sips of wine, the two co-workers suddenly pass out. Dixie just happened to drug the women’s drinks. Dixie flops around the sleeping ladies’ limps while groping their sexy bodies, having a look at their goods….she knew she’d hit the jack pot on these two. She gets both girls ankles tied and then rolls them over to tie their sleeping wrists behind their back. As Dixie starts to drag them off into her bedroom, the fun has only just begun…she has some lesbian training to do.

Dixie has the two girls tied up on the bed. Mindi realizes she’s tied up immediately as Dixie slaps her face to wake up. Dixie gropes her tits asking if she’s ever eaten her bestie, Veruca’s, pussy…who is still napping. MIndi is puzzled by what’s happening but listens to Dixie’s threats that she had better do as she’s told. Dixie takes down Veruca’s panties and has Mindi start to kiss her pussy lips. Dixie undoes Veruca’s ankles ropes, spreads open her legs and forces Mindi to pleasure Veruca’s pink little pussy. Dixie watches and instructs Mindi that she had better impress her with her pussy licking skills…her life depends on it. One Dixie is satisfied with Minidi’s performance, she pulls her off Veruca and shoves a ball gag in her mouth. She starts to tie Mindi up but Veruca starts to stir before she gets too far…

Veruca wakes up startled to see that both her and Mindi are tied up. Before she can get a word out, Dixie hand gags her and explains to Veruca that she needs to do as she is told and she won’t get hurt. Dixie quickly moves to straddle Veruca and forces her to lick her asshole. When Veruca refuses, Dixie smothers her with her ass…knocking some sense into the little twat. Not satisfied with Veruca’s unwillingness, she shoves a pair of panties in her mouth to shut her up.

Dixie notices that Mindi has been seeming to be enjoying herself. So Dixie makes her an offer to run away with her and to be Mindi’s sugar mommy and business partner. She unties and ungags Mindi and seals their deal with a kiss. Dixie makes Mindi give Veruca one last good bye pussy licking as Dixie eats her new sugar kitty’s pussy. These two have a lot of work to do on cutie pie Veruca before they are able to sell her off as a lesbian sex slave

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