Kristina Rose - ZZ Lemonade

Kristina Rose has two passions in life: selling lemonade and anal sex. Today she puts her butt on the line while serving thirsty customers some ice cold ZZ Lemonade! The video starts with a little interview of her and the dude, followed by a small montage of her stripteasing outside. As she’s selling lemonade, dude starts eating her out first as he progresses to ass finger her. She sucks him off here and then, whenever there are no clients around. He then proceeds to shoving a tiny dildo up her ass while using a vibrator on her pussy. It doesn’t take long before he starts sticking his dick in her pussy while she’s still serving client lemonade. In a breeze, he then decides to put his cock in her asshole and won’t stop until he unloads himself on her face. Some cum goes in her mouth, and she gladly swallows it.

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