Mandy Flores - Cum in your mouth is all that matters4


That’s right slave ray. You just sit there and watch me suck and fuck my man’s cock. My mouth waters for his dick and he makes my pussy cum over and over again. You just watch and hear me humiliate you, tease you and remind you of what you will never have. Do even remember what sex smells like? Loser. You want to pretend that Im your Daughter Cassie and Im fucking Scott right in front of you? I have you wrapped around my little finger you fucking pervert. Cuckolds dream come true. You are so lucky to be taking my mans load all over your face. Don’t disappoint me Daddy cuckold slave, you better make damn sure you swallow every last delicious drop. This is all that matters in your pathetic existence. Serving and worshiping me is your life now. Own it.

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