Micky Bells - Milk Pressure

When Micky doesn’t feed her baby every 3 hours, the milk pressure in her tits is enormous.
Enjoy Micky’s amazing milk fountains in her first solo lactation clip!

Micky starts by doing a spot of cleaning in the kitchen in just her bra and jeans.
She jiggles her enormous boobs, then slowly removes her bra. She then starts to release the pressure in her tits by gently squeezing them. She gives us a fantastic show of milk showers as long streams of milk spray in all directions.
She then swings her giant milk sacks around before squirting some milk into a glass. This soon turns into a shower that covers the table top. Next Micky starts sucking her nipples drawing mouthfuls of milk which she lets go all over her breasts, until finally the milk pressure is eased


Big tits, Milf



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