Miss Missa X- Bratty Bitch Gets Futa Fucked

I am waiting in my room for the tutor arrived. I’ve been failing out of schools ever since I decided to be an artist, and now my mother has ordered a tutor. The worst thing about this tutor is she just so happens to be the nerdy girl at school, Vivianne!

Vivianne asks, “are you ready?” I roll my eyes and grab my cell phone. She catches me and calls me out. I basically tell her to shut up, just sit quiet and pretend that we’re studying to make my Mom happy. I wonder if any of the neighbor girls saw her come in, OMG, it would be so embarrassing if they thought that we were friends. “Just look at you, you’re so gross, and then look at me,” I snoot at her. She takes a pill from her backpack.

“I didn’t want to waste my last pill on you, but you totally have it coming.” I don’t know what she’s talking about but I want those drugs! Is she going to get high and not share with me? I don’t notice how her cheeks are turning rosey, and her lips bright red. I don’t notice that her geeky flats have turned into heels, and that her pussy is throbbing, bulging her panties outward. I grab the pill bottle out of her hands, “there’s none in here..” I notice then that her breasts are getting massive, HUGE, and I point at her top, “uhmm.. is something wrong with your boobs?”

Her breasts pop out of her cardigan and rip open her cotton camisole. I back up. I try to plot an esacpe route, and then RUN for it! She grabs me by the hair and throws be on the sofa. Her clit starts to swell, bursting out of her panties, tenting out her skirt. She has a massive, throbbing, clit dick! I am horrified! I cry out!

She pulls my panties off and plunges it into my pussy. She thrusts back and forth. She bites her sexy lip. My pussy is stretched to the max, as she thrusts a dick bigger than I have ever taken in and out of me. I start to feel the wetness of our combined sex, and it starts to feel good. I sit on her and help glide it in and out, I am riding her clit dick ontop of her lap. It feels so fucing hot. She pulls out and cums all over my tits. I fall asleep instantly from the biggest orgasm I have ever experienced in my life.

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