MistressT - Ruining Their Fun


When slavegirl Suzie escapes from the cage and secretly visits the slaveboy in his cell to have some dirty fun, they do not realise Mistress T is observing their digression on webcam. As punishment, they are tied together and left in frustration, not able to gratify each others horny needs. Mistress then fucks the slavegirl with her strapon until Suzie is about to climax, she pulls out and ruins her orgasm, as a lesson about who controls her body. The slaveboy is then taken to the dungeon and edged by Suzie, unaware that Mistress T has told here to ruin his ejaculation, an unpleasant and unfulfilling end to their misadventure.

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  • fuchswsw 3 years ago and cloudyvideos are complete offline and the other links are down too is there any chance to get them back please ?

    • pornuploader 3 years ago

      i totally understand man, i am really really sorry, but i will take a lot of time, at this moment we are so busy, you can enjoy from our new uploads, all of them is working fine