Janet Mason and Alex Tanner

MomsBangTeensJanet Mason and Alex Tanner – Teaching Alex

duration: 00:32:55

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Tony was playing games with his little sexy redheaded girlfriend, Alex, but she wasn’t very excited about it. She brought her concerns to her step mom Janet, who got hot and bothered when she heard the news. Janet told Alex that she’d help her learn how to take control of her man. When Tony arrived, Janet made sure she started things off right. She had him up against the wall and speechless while she stroked his dick. Janet wanted him to know who was in control and what game they were going to play. Alex had just gotten her first lesson, which was guys were weak when it came to hot, sexy, redheads in control. They moved over into the next room for some deeper learning. Tony kept his head high and ready for some student-teacher relations. Janet overlooked some things, as the young couple sucked and fucked. But Janet wasn’t going to just supervise, as she bent over to take some hard studying of her own. They all put the moves on each other, as the threesome sex-ed lesson headed in the right direction. These two sexy females finished their lesson off with some of Tony’s extra credit cum all over their pretty face.

duration: 00:32:55



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