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Daphne’s Fantasies – Family Plan (Part 1)

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Sexmex – El Hipnotista

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Daphne’s Fantasies – The Auditrice

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Dream Logic

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Full Service (Part 1)

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Mind Control Theater – A Curious Preparation

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The mistress - Eleanor - is a chemist experimenting with a variety of mind controlling drugs, and she enlists her maid - Sophie - as a test subject. The first elixir that Sophie drinks provokes a spontaneously o...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Encore, Encore! Part 2

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Encore, Encore! (Part 1)

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Daphne Fantasies – Temp to Perm

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Daphne Fantasies – Bed & Breakfast 2

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Daphne Fantasies – Going Around

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Toy Chest 2

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Bottle Shock

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Madame Pavlova

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Dream Job

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Daphne’s Fantasies – But Wait, There’s More!

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Starring: Daphne Rosen, Lorelei Lee, Eleanor Markham, Helena Astley, Siannan Miller The ad shoot for the C-Ducer 3000™ is not going well. The talent’s late, the props are all wrong, the cases are on a ship somwhere...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Toy Chest

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Daphne’s Fantasies – Yard Sale of Hell House

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David brings home a television he picked up at a yard sale… not realizing it was the yard sale at Hell House… the former lair of a sex cult. The television has a remarkable effect on the string of female friends and...

Daphne Fantasies – Red, White

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Two young ladies have an informal wine tasting, but the wine has a little something in it that makes them very… receptive to the bartender’s commands. Soon, they find themselves utterly unable to resist the instruct...

Hypnotized Rachel Steele – Red Milf Productions

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Science geek Brian hoped to win the approval of his stepfather Frank and stepsister Olivia by inventing a emotion enhancing device that would make the family rich and famous. He had his work cut out because neither ...

Daphnes Fantasies – Safe House

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Shannon and Karen have rented a house for a weekend away… but the house has secrets, and soon, they find themselves being transformed into very obedient, submissive whores. They manage to get free, but are they tr...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Doctor Michaels, Part 2

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Daphne's Fantasies is proud to announce the release of Doctor Michaels, Parts 1 and 2! What was the mysterious Doctor Michaels up to before the events of the Doctor Laurel saga? Here, we have some clues... In p...

Daphne’s Fantasies – Doctor Michaels, Part 1

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First girl gets hypnotized, she strips and masturbates then blows the guy. Next girl gets hypnotized and starts masturbating and blows the guy. Third girl arrives and gets hypnotized as well and joins blowing the ...

Daphne’s Fantasies – The Unicorn

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Christie Stevens, Cassidy Banks, Donnie Rock Unsuspecting girl is comming to look at the apartment - apartment with suprisingly many beds - she did not know it is already to late for her to run - soon...

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