TheFootInfatuation - Vanessa Cage and Taylor Raz - Tay Can't Resist Wet Pantyhose Feet

Vanessa in bed under the quilt having a quick nap when Tay enters the room to grab something. She notices her friends foot peeking out from under the quilt and can’t help having a little sniff. Before long, she loses control over herself and starts to vigorously deep suck the toes while Vanessa is still asleep. Quite soon afterwards Vanessa wakes up, Tay pretends nothing happened but she instantly notices her toes are wet and realises what she had been doing. Having been quite hot from sleeping under the quilt, Vanessa finds the sensation of her wet nylon foot quite nice. She lets Tay go nuts on her feet, asking her to make her feet wetter & wetter until they’re really soaked. Both girls are really gets into it, loving the sensation of the nylon feet being drenched in spit.

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