Veronica Rodriguez and Jelena Jensen - A Teacher's Discipline Part One: Playing Hooky - Girlsway


Thinking she had everything figured out, Veronica Rodriguez teaches us tips and tricks on how you get away with skipping school. First thing you need to in order to get away with things is to look cute. Veronica puts on an adorable mini skirt, barely hiding her delightful ass cheeks, knee high socks and a black shirt with no bra. The next thing you need to master your plan is a partner so Veronica and her friend Sophie arranged to meet at their regular spot. Veronica had no intentions of being stuck in Ms Jelena Jensen’s call on a day like this!

Waiting at their meeting point, Veronica calls Sophie urging to hurry , afraid of getting caught. But Veronica didn’t realize that her teacher Jelena saw her hiding behind the tree. Jelena was not going to let this one go! She turns the car around, get’s out and calls out Veronica’s name, ordering her to get in the car. Jelena had enough with Veronica’s disobedience and says they were going back to her house instead of school where Veronica was going to study there whether she liked it or not. Jelena was going to teach her a lesson!

Veronica still believes she was going to get away from Jelena, so she puts on an act of being sick. Jelena didn’t pay any mind and wasn’t falling for her ploys. Veronica tries very hard to convince her teacher she wasnt feeling well, but Jelena had enough with Veronica’s playing cute tactics. Jelena orders Veronica to lie on the table, and prepare for a well deserved spanking. Veronica pleaded with Jelena to stop spanking her and promised to be a good girl, but Jelena was not going to fall for it. Veronica was going to be punished whether she like it or not!

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