Maggie - LegalPorno - piss in mouth and ass


Scene starts out with the usual posing and teasing/fingering. A blue dildo is used to test out all of the holes paying special attention to the primary fuckhole which for the duration of this video of course is the ass. Enter 3 guys with raging boners. Cock sucking ensues. Meggies oral skills really leave a lot to be desired, don’t expect deepthroating or anything remotely similar. What you can (and should) expect at this point is mouth pissing which Meggie takes with determination. No swallowing here and she does gag quite a bit but she doesn’t treat piss as if it were toxic either, so it’s a good show all in all. One thing’s for sure, she manages the cute-innocent-submissive look very well (when she’s not gagging at least), so much so that one of the male performers, Ian Scott, definitely has a sweet spot for her. Then it’s straight to anal doggy while she sucks one guy off. The guys take turns fucking her ass and mouth. After that one guy washes her butt off with some more piss and they switch to dp sandwitch her in various ways. Once they’ve had their fun it’s time for some more anal from behind. This being LegalPorno, they of course bend her over and rinse her mouth with piss while they’re at it. Then it’s time for the finale which consists of a (surprisingly poor) triple cumshot. To make up for the shitty oral and cumshot, there’s a metric ton (or rather, metric liter) of mouth pissing to rinse it off. Cheers

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