PublicDisgrace -  Cheating Wife's Big Hot Ass Shamed Fully Naked In Public Display


Date: Jun 5, 2015

Dur.: 1h 8mn 51s 63ms

Performers: Mona Wales , Xavi Tralla and Montse Swinger

Montse Swinger is a cheating whore of a wife and Mona Wales is there to teach this bitch a lesson! Everyone in town is going to know how many cocks this unfaithful wife has stuffed in her anal hungry ass while Mona parades her fully naked in public where husband’s coworkers shop! Who knows how many of these onlookers this Puta has fucked! To continue the humiliation Montse is tied up in rope bondage then fisted and anally fucked in front of a crowd of on duty construction workers!

This is much better, but you still have a long way to go. Yes the whore is naked in public, but not totally. Like where she had to strip herself, but then Mona helped. At that time she is naked, but then is covered up with the boards. Her tits and ass are out for all to see, but she should have been disgraced by being naked all the way in public. Behind the closed doors has to go. Yes she was naked, but it kind of looked fake. Lets get into some more serious

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